Welcome to my website. I’ve been writing one thing or another most of my life. After a failed diary attempt as a tween, I began writing a journal when I was sixteen. The journaling has never ended and eventually progressed to published journal articles. Surprising even myself, books came next!

You’re invited to take a minute or two and meet both my mother (who thought someone had stolen her iron) and Maggie, my intrepid great grandmother. [more about Vicki]

Somebody Stole My Iron

An honest and candid memoir of a family navigating the turbulent waters of dementia, Somebody Stole My Iron shares personal lessons and insight, along with useful information from experts. Laced with humor, it offers hope to caregivers, reassuring them they aren’t alone. [read more]


Inspired by the author’s great-grandmother, this moving narrative chronicles her journey from late 19th century Michigan to the plains of eastern Montana at the turn of the 20th century. Through three turbulent marriages, Maggie endures betrayal, abuse, forced separation and tragedy to become a strong, independent woman, empowered by her own ingenuity and resourcefulness. [read more]

Harry & Grace

As a young man in the early 1900s, the author’s grandfather joined a carnival. While no one alive today can say for sure why, Vicki fancies the idea he sought something different in life. Perhaps operating the merry-go-round in a traveling carnival sounded adventurous.

Life is filled with choices. Vicki is here today because her grandfather made the decision to leave the town of his birth in Iowa and migrate northward. Although she never had a chance to meet him, she’s here to tell the tale, thanks to her own dad’s storytelling. [read more]

Featured Works

  • Maggie: A Journey of Love, Loss and Survival. Read more!