Other Writings and Interviews

Below is a collections of my other writings and interviews, including guest blog posts and podcast sessions.


Caregiver 101 (Memory Cafe Directory)
‘Fess Up or Cover Up? Removing the Stigma Associated with Memory Loss (thewomensalzheimersmovment.org)
Dementia Caregiver School of Hard Knocks (beingpatient.com)
Embracing Connection (ecarediary.com)
Why I’m Wishing For An Abundance of Imagination As I Grow Older (huffingtonpost.com)
Reticence (brushdevelopment.com)
Fess Up or Cover Up (huffingtonpost.com)
Encore for Love (huffingtonpost.com)
Family Caregivers: The Unsung Heroes Of Society (globalhealthaging.org)
Who are you? Where am I? (globalhealthaging.org)

Interviews and Podcasts

Nostalgia Caregiver Community (https://nostalgiacaregivercommunity.com) 
Zestful Aging Podcast Interview (https://zestfulaging.cast.rocks) 
CogniHealth Interview (Part Two) (CogniHealth.uk)
CogniHealth Interview (Part One) (CogniHealth.uk)
Memory Cafe Directory Interview (MemoryCafeDirectory.com)
Sharing My Caregiver Story (ThatKimberly.com)
When Remembering Becomes An Issue… (http://www.fadingmemoriespodcast.com)
Ways to Reduce Stress to Caregivers (bodyawaregrieving.com)
Surviving Alzheimer’s (blogtalkradio.com)
Caring For Parents With Dementia (yellowstonevalleywoman.com)
Advocating for Dementia Awareness (nextactforwomen.com)