Maggie: A Journey of Love, Loss and Survival

Seventeen and headstrong, with marriage on her mind, Maggie is sure she has found her one true
love. But when she collides head-on with betrayal, overwhelming loss and abuse, her life unravels.

Maggie rises above adversity through rare determination and grit, becoming an independent woman ahead of her time. Yet before she can truly find peace, one heartbreaking, life-altering decision remains.

Inspired by the author’s great-grandmother’s life, the author weaves a timeless saga of survival and courage set against the backdrop of Mt. Clemens, Michigan and the prairies of eastern Montana at the turn of the twentieth century.

What people are saying…

I was swept away while reading Maggie. As a baby-boomer and one who has lived through the feminist movement for women’s rights, my heart ached for Maggie as she suffered abuse from those to whom she had committed her life. Maggie teaches us that despite loss, love in its purest form wins. I highly recommend this timeless story for women of all ages. —Amazon Review

…last night I had trouble sleeping and got up about 3 am.  I started reading and continued reading (with a few breaks) until I finished an hour ago.  Maggie was one strong woman. —Ann F., a reader

The pages seemed to turn themselves, and I had a difficult time putting it down. Overall, an amazing and gripping story of Maggie’s courage and survival in all aspects of life.  —Amazon Review

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